Bacon with Hass Avocado

BACON WITH AVOCADO This is a flavor bomb! Hass avocado with bacon, simple and very tasty recipe. PREPARATION We only need slices of Hass avocado and two strips of bacon for each portion to wrap them, sauté them in a pot and then add a little BBQ sauce. Accompany your dishes or serve them as snacks to […]

avocado vinaigrette

AVOCADO VINAIGRETTE Accompany all your favorite salads or dishes with this delicious vinaigrette! PREPARATION The preparation is very simple, we take all the ingredients to the blender and let a cream or sauce be created. You can store it in a glass container and store in the fridge to use as many times as you want. INGREDIENTS […]

avocado burger

AVOCADO HAMBURGER PREPARATION Completely your hamburger with a delicious Hass Avocado, it is very simple. The combination of all these flavors will make you fall in love with this recipe, which in addition to being rich is nutritious thanks to the contributions of Avocado. INGREDIENTS Hamburger bread Meat of your choice Fresh vegetables such as tomato, onion and lettuce […]

avocado mayonnaise

AVOCADO MAYONNAISE PREPARATION First put an egg in the blender glass; Then add a glass of sunflower oil, a few drops of lemon juice or a teaspoon of vinegar, a pinch of salt and finally the Hass Avocado in small pieces. With this delicious recipe you can very well accompany your […]

Hass Avocado Ice Cream

HASS AVOCADO ICE CREAM PREPARATION Cut the avocados in half and remove all the pulp. We put it in the blender glass with the condensed milk and milk cream, and add the lemon juice. You can also add a little liquor, which will help prevent crystals from forming. Already […]

avocado butter

AVOCADO BUTTER Quick and easy, Avocado butter PREPARATION Mix all the elements in a plastic container, make sure that the Hass Avocado and the butter are well incorporated and crushed so that all the flavors merge. Now you can enjoy this delicious companion in your hamburgers, sandwiches, wrapps or any other snack. INGREDIENTS […]