1. Harvest on farms
Each of our farms harvests the fruit in compliance with good agricultural practices, with which we guarantee the best Hass avocados.
2. Transportation on farms
The transport of our fruit, from the different production farms, is carried out in trucks that meet quality standards, guaranteeing the correct care of our fruit.
3. Reception of fruits
We have 2 fruit reception docks equipped to guarantee the phytosanitary protection of all the fruit. Additionally, at this stage we carry out a quality control of the fruit to verify the good conditions of transport.
4. Selection of fruit
We make a detailed selection of the aesthetic defects of the fruit, for this we have highly qualified personnel who ensure the quality of our product.
5. Packaging
At this stage, highly disturbed personnel packing the fruit in our packaging boxes, this operation is carried out at a controlled temperature of 15°C, with which we seek to give our avocados the best conditions for their conservation. Additionally, we have a high-tech grading machine with a processing capacity of 7 tons of avocado per hour.
6. Palletizing
In this process, we read each of the packed boxes to guarantee correct traceability of the product and make a separation for each format and caliber; in this way we are consolidating the pallets of finished product. This operation is carried out at a controlled temperature of 10°C in order to gradually decrease the temperature of the avocado and maintain its quality.
7. Forced cold
We want our product to be preserved in the best way to guarantee its export, therefore, we have two forced cold tunnels with a capacity of 10 pallets each and an individual forced cold tunnel with a capacity of 4 pallets. This technology has a system with fruit temperature control and automated fan rotation, which allows us to lower the fruit temperature quickly, efficiently and very evenly, which represents better quality for our customers.
8. Storage
We have a cold storage system with a storage unit that allows us to be very efficient in space and cargo readiness times; We have a total storage capacity for 336 tons of fruit, ensuring good temperature control.
9. Dispatch
Our plant has a dispatch system that allows us to prepare the cargo under controlled temperature conditions, we also have a state-of-the-art dispatch dock that guarantees the hermetic tightness and cold chain of our avocado at all times.
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