It is recognized for being one of the most desired varieties in the international market for its trade and export.

Likewise, the Colombian avocado can be produced throughout the year without the need for irrigation systems, due to our edaphic conditions (mineral wealth of the soils) avocados has an outstanding flavour.



Helps to maintain a normal function of muscles and nerves, and supports a healthy immune system.


It helps transport iron through your body and is involved in the creation of hemoglobin, red blood cells and different enzymes.


Essential for the proper performance of the nervous and skeletal system. IT also helps in the growth and the correct operation of the immune system.

Vitamin A

It has antioxidant features, which means it protects cells against the daily toxic damage of oxidation.

vitamin B1

It helps by transforming the food you eat into the energy you need. Thiamine is important for the growth, development, and function of cells in your body.

vitamin B3

Essential for athletes, it plays an important role in the body during the process of obtaining energy.


It is the fruit with the highest level of fiber on the market. Avocado hass owns a light hazelnut flavour, it has a yellow-fleshed, is small, wrinkled, and dark-skinned. Its size is between 90 to 313 grams.

It has peculiarity that allow the avocado to be very versatile in gastronomy, perfect to be mix with everything.


Bacon with Hass Avocado

BACON WITH AVOCADO This is a flavor bomb! Hass avocado with bacon, simple and very tasty recipe. PREPARATION We only need Hass avocado slices

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avocado vinaigrette

AVOCADO VINAIGRETTE Accompany all your favorite salads or dishes with this delicious vinaigrette! PREPARATION The preparation is very simple, we take all the ingredients to

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avocado burger

AVOCADO HAMBURGER PREPARATION Completely your hamburger with a delicious Hass Avocado, it is very simple. The combination of all these flavors will make you fall in love

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avocado mayonnaise

AVOCADO MAYONNAISE PREPARATION First put an egg in the blender glass; Then add a glass of sunflower oil, a few drops of

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Hass Avocado Ice Cream

HASS AVOCADO ICE CREAM PREPARATION Cut the avocados in half and remove all the pulp. We put it in the glass of the blender with

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avocado butter

AVOCADO BUTTER Quick and easy, Avocado butter PREPARATION Mix all the elements in a plastic container, make sure the Hass Avocado and the

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