Learn about the Different Varieties of Avocados in Colombia

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Welcome to our blog dedicated to exquisite varieties of avocados in Colombia. In this space, we will explore the diversity of this fruit in the fertile and diverse land of Colombia.

From the popular Hass to the lesser-known indigenous varieties, we will dive into a gastronomic trip that highlights the unique flavors and the stories behind each variety.

Join us as we discover the health benefits, sustainable practices and cultural wealth that surrounds Colombian avocados. Get ready for a feast of knowledge and flavor!

varieties of avocados in Colombia

Exploring Green Diversity: Varieties of Avocados in Colombia

We will know the varieties of avocados in Colombia. There, the avocado is more than a fruit: it is an expression of the country's natural and cultural wealth. From the mountains to the coasts, the diversity of climates and soils has given rise to a wide range of avocado varieties. We will explore some of the most notable ones:


This avocado is the undisputed king in Colombia and in the world. With its rough skin and creamy flesh, Hass is a favorite of many due to its rich, buttery flavor. Its cultivation has expanded throughout the country, being found in regions such as Antioquia, Valle del Cauca and Huila.



With a slightly firmer texture than Hass, the Fuerte avocado is prized for its versatility in Colombian cuisine. Its thin skin and mild flavor make it perfect for guacamoles and salads. This variety is mainly grown in the Andean region and in the coastal areas of the country.


This variety, originally from Florida but successfully cultivated in Colombia, is distinguished by its elongated shape and dark green skin. Its soft, sweet flesh makes it a popular choice for desserts and smoothies. It is mainly found in regions with warm climates such as the Atlantic Coast and the Magdalena Medio region.


Representing Colombian authenticity, the Criollo avocado is a local variety valued for its intense flavor and disease resistance. Although it is usually smaller than other varieties, its quality is incomparable. It is mainly found on small farms and family gardens throughout the country, especially in regions such as Tolima, Cundinamarca and Boyacá.

By exploring these varieties of avocados in Colombia, we immerse ourselves in a journey of flavors and traditions rooted in the land itself. Each variety tells a unique story of culture and agriculture, adding a special touch to the Colombian table and beyond.

Beyond these varieties of avocados in Colombia, you can also find other less known but equally delicious options. Varieties like Palton, he Collie, and the Monte Creole They offer a variety of flavors and textures that surprise even the most demanding palates.

He Palton, for example, is a variety of Colombian avocado that is characterized by its large size and thick, rough skin. Its pulp is an intense yellow color and has a slightly sweet flavor, which makes it perfect for preparations such as guacamole and creams. It is mainly grown in the warm regions of the country, such as the Atlantic Coast and the inter-Andean valleys.

He Collie, on the other hand, is a small avocado but full of flavor. Known for its thin, soft skin and creamy, bright green meat, the Collie is a popular choice for salads and sides. It is found mainly in the mountainous regions of Colombia, where the cool climate favors its development.

Finally, within the varieties of avocados in Colombia is found Monte Creole It is a wild variety of avocado found in tropical forests.

Although its size is smaller compared to other cultivated varieties, its intense flavor and his buttery texture They make it a true culinary treasure. It is often used in traditional Colombian dishes, such as soups and sauces.

In summary, the varieties of avocados in Colombia are a reflection of the diversity and richness of the Colombian land.

From the most popular varieties like Hass and Fuerte, to lesser-known options like Paltón and Criollo de Monte, each avocado tells a unique story of tradition, flavor and culture.

When exploring the varieties of avocados in Colombia, we are not only enjoying a delicious fruit, but also celebrating the beauty and abundance of Colombian nature.